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Royal Aircraft ARFs

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Below are some of the quality planes we have available. As our stock changes quick frequently, email us or give us a call to confirm availability.
Pre-orders are accepted on certain pieces - ask us about them!

The Embraer 312F - 90 - available in blue or green

Pasted Graphic

Top quality wood construction with fiberglass fuselage. Comes with all hardware and accessories.

Wing Span:  65 in. Wing Area: 662 sq in. Flying Weight: 9.25lb Fuselage Length: 59 in Engine Required: 4 C: 1.20 cu in Radio Required: 5channels 8 - 9 servos

Super Trainer - 60 - Yellow or White


Pasted Graphic


Pasted Graphic 1

Piper J-3

Wing Span: 70 in Wing area: 900 sq. in Flying Weight: 5 Lb Fuselage Length: 45.7 in. Engine Requirement: 2c 0.60 cu in. Radio Required 4 channels, 5 servos 4c 0.91cu in

Pasted Graphic 2

Pasted Graphic 4

Wing Span: 71 in. Wing area: 653 sq. in. Flying Weight: 5.8 lb Fuselage length: 46.5 in Engine Required: 2c 0.40 Radio Required: 4 channels, 5 servos Almost Ready to Fly

Canadair CL-415


Pasted Graphic 8

Top Quality Wood construction with fiberglass fuselage. Complete with all hardware and accessories.

P51 Mustang - 46 - available in Yellow or Silver

Wing span: 80.7 in. Fuselage Length: 58 in. Flying Weight 10 lb. Wing Area 976.5 sq. inc. Engine Required: 2c 0.52 x 2 pcs. Radio Required: 6 channels, 9 servos

Pasted Graphic 5

Wing span:  57.5in / 1460mm          Wing Area: 580sq in / 37.4 sq dmFlying Weight: 5.9 lb / 2700 g          Fuselage Length: 48.8 in / 1240 mmEngine Required: 2c 0.46 cu in   Radio Required: 5 channels,6 servos                         4c 0.70 cu in          

Edge 540T - 50cc

Pasted Graphic 7

Wing Span: 2140mm / 84.3in                   Fuselage length: 2100mm / 82.7 inFlying weight: 7000g - 7500g                   Wing area: 1324sq in / 86 sq dmEngine Required: Gas Engine: 50cc       Radio Required: 6 Channels; 6-7 Servos


Katana  50cc

Wing Span: 2030mm / 80 in   Flying Weight: 5500 g - 6200g Wing Area:1232sq in/80 sq dm  Fuselage Length:1920 mm /75.6 in Engine Required:  50cc  Radio Required: 6 Channels ; 6-7 Servo

Yak 54 - 54 3D- Red or Blue


Wing span: 56 in / 1420mm       Wing area: 616sq in /39.8 sq dmFlying weight: 5.2lb / 2400g       Fuselage length: 52.3 in / 1330mmEngine Required: 2c 0.52 cu in   Radio Required: 4 channels, 5servos                           4c 0.70 cu in

- Red or Blue
Pasted Graphic

Cessna 421


SukHoi SU 26 - 50cc

Pasted Graphic 1


Active 50

Pasted Graphic 2

Fly Cat 90

Pasted Graphic 3



Pasted Graphic 4


SportFun 46 -

Pasted Graphic 5

The Extra 330L - 50cc in both red & White

EDF Fan Trainer

F3A - 50


Manufacturer: 20101218