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Futaba 4PKS 4-Channel 2.4GHz FASST Tx/Rx

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4-Channel 2.4GHz Computer System

Total control and convenience for serious racers.

With much lower latency (up to 2 times faster than the 4PK) and programming sophistication and advancements never before incorporated into a surface system, the 4PKS picks up where the 4PK leaves off. The LCD screen on the stylish transmitter lets you view up to 36 functions, and an adapter is included for repositioning wheel height and angle for maximum comfort and response. A vibrator built into the grip can be programmed to serve any of several functions: as a lap timer, up timer, navigation aid or low battery alert. Extra protection features have been added, including High Voltage and Low Battery alarms, as well as automatic system shut-down after ten minutes of non-use. And of course there's the precision and security of Futaba's acclaimed 2.4GHz FASST technology that is leading the way in radio control. Competitive drivers with their eyes on the prize have a new weapon for owning the winner's circle: the 4PKS!


R614FF Receiver
The included R614FF 2.4GHz FASST receiver is compact (1.38 x 0.91 x 0.33 inches) and lightweight (0.27 ounces), with much higher usable voltage (from 3.5V to 8.4V). Also available separately. FUTL7633

Compatible with R603FF, R603FS & R604FS receivers

throttle trigger
The redesigned trigger is wider and stronger on the brake/reverse side.


steering adapter
Both 32mm and 34mm steering adapters are included for rotating the steering. Drivers can adjust by two degrees for a narrower or wider feel.


Multi-Functional Switch
The new, redesigned multi-functional jog button with red LED makes navigating around the menus easier.

adjustable positioning adapter
A 37mm APA adapter is included for repositioning the wheel and trigger. The 27mm APA adapter is optional.

LCD Screens
Special mixing allows the 4PKS to offer superb control for rock crawlers and other 4WD vehicles.


4PKS Specifics:

  • Menu Selection and Direct Selection modes the menu screen can be selected from among 4 levels, while the direct menu for up to 8 of your more frequently used functions can be assigned to direct selection buttons
  • Brake mixing for large cars allows front and rear wheels of 1/5 scale and larger cars to be adjusted independently
  • Anti-skid braking system applies the brakes in a way so that the tires do not lose their grip on the track, even when braking in the corners
  • Throttle acceleration reduces the time lag on the clutch and brakes
  • Throttle speed lets you accelerate smoothly on slippery road surfaces for more control with less tire spin
  • Start function pre-sets initial acceleration off the starting line at less than full throttle to reduce wheel spin; normal throttle resumes when the trigger is released
  • Steering speed suppresses the maximum operating speed of the steering servo for better control
  • Racing timer records up to 99 lap times, with total time and average lap time, and can be activated automatically with the trigger; an audible alarm can be set to indicate target lap and refueling times

4PKS System Overview:

  • 2.4GHz FASST system the industry's most reliable RF link
  • 40-model memory with names of up to 10 letters, numbers and symbols so that logical names may be used; model memory with different setups can be created using the model copy function
  • Menu customizing lets you display the menu order and other functions for individual models
  • Digital trim w/reset displays the current trim position on the LCD screen, while allowing for one step of operating amount to be adjusted with no effect on maximum travel of the steering and throttle servos
  • Function select dial assigns functions to the digital trim, grip dial and knob, and allows you to adjust the step amount and operating direction; eliminates trim positioning for each model because all dials are digital
  • Function select switch lets you assign functions to three switches and set operating direction
  • MC-Link sets the contents of the Link software for varying the frequency and other data changes of the Futaba speed control via your PC
  • Edit button lock & trim/dial lock prohibits the setting and operation of transmitter edit buttons, trim and dials
  • Changeable wheel and trigger location wheel position can be offset using the included APA adapter; wheel angle and trigger can also be adjusted
  • Reversible hand operation wheel section can be installed for left- or right-hand driving
  • Tension adjustment tension of the steering wheel and throttle trigger springs can be adjusted from the outside
  • Mechanical ATL adjustment lets you decrease the total travel of the brake side of the throttle trigger
  • Display switch allows function setup without transmitting
  • Vibrating grip can be used as a lap timer, up timer, navigation aid or low battery alert
  • 7-color LED pilot lamp select your favorite LED color

Description of all 36 4PKS functions:

  1. EPA End point adjustment
  2. STEXP Steering curve adjustment
  3. STSPD Steering servo delay
  4. THEXP Throttle curve adjustment
  5. THSPD Throttle servo delay
  6. A.B.S. Can be set up for the amount of brake return, Delay, Cycle Speed (pulse), Trigger Point, Cycle Duty Ratio, Steering Mixing
  7. ACCEL Adjusts the rise characteristic from the throttle neutral position
  8. START Throttle preset at start function/engine cut off by switch
  9. BRAKE Front and rear independent brake control for 1/5GP car, etc.
  10. IDLUP Idle up at engine start
  11. TIMER Up, down, lap or lap navigation timer
  12. LAP-L Lap timer data (lap time, average lap time) check
  13. P-MIX (2) Programmable mixing between arbitrary channels
  14. S-MIX 4WD mixing
  15. BOAT Boat, etc. brake operation stop/outboard engine tilt mixing
  16. SUBTR Servo center position fine adjustment
  17. REV Servo operation reversing
  18. F/S HRS, PCM model fail safe, battery fail safe (all channels)
  19. M-SEL Model memory call
  20. M-RES Model memory reset (ALL, DATE, MENU)
  21. M-COP Model memory copy (SINGLE, GROUP) (MENU, SW/DIAL)
  22. NAME Model memory name set/modify, username set/modify
  23. DIAL Selection of functions operated by digital dial and digital trim
  24. SWTCH Selection of functions operated by push switches
  25. D/R Steering angle adjustment while running
  26. ATL Brake side adjustment
  27. CH3/4 Channel 3 & 4 servos operation position set/check
  28. RXSYS Servo response mode and receiver type selection
  29. MENU-T Function menu type selection
  30. SYSTM Battery type/backlight/LCD contrast/buzzer/LED display color/initial screen display mode/power off forgotten alarm/2ND condition/2.4GHz band adjustment and setting
  31. DTTRN Data copy from T4PK to another T4PK
  32. SERVO Displays servo operation on a bar graph
  33. MCLNK MC850C/601C/401CR Link software setting function
  34. ADJST Steering wheel and throttle trigger correction
  35. VIBRA Vibrator setting
  36. THMOD Neutral brake and throttle servo forward side and brake side operation rate setting
4PKS transmitter
NiMH battery
Transmitter charger
R614FF receiver
Receiver switch
32/34 wheel adapter
37 mm APA adapter
Transmitter hook
Optional Accessories

FUTL7630 R603FS 2.4GHz FASST Receiver 3PK/4PK/3PM
FUTL7631 R603FF 2.4GHz FASST Receiver 3PK/4PK/3PM
FUTM4255 NCC-18 DSC Cord 4PK
FUTM5540 27mm APA Adapter
FUTM5541 Angle Adapter
FUTM5542 Screen Protector
FUTP1012 Metal Carrying Case

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Stock # System Modulation Band Receiver Tx Battery

Manufacturer: 20101124