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SR.N5 RC Hovercraft Scale Model

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SR.N5 RC Hovercraft Scale Model

   How to Buy 


Your will love the detail of this model! Based on the post trials version of this classic craft the SR.N5 RC Hovercraft features very detailed deck and rudder panel lines just as on the real thing. Extra effort has been put into this model to give it that familiar SR.N5 look by adding detailed engine intake and elevator moldings. It even features the rear storage bins, puff ports, bifurcated exhaust and cabin lines. Complemented with an extensive decal sheet this kit will allow you reproduce the HoverTravel fast ferry, Bell USA or Canadian Coast Guard versions of this craft.  


This is a fast model as well! Molded in Lexan and ABS this not only looks the part buts its a robust as well. charge the batteries and take it to your local lake or hit the beach for some water edge hover fun. We did just that and the video here gives you a taste of the fun!


A Fast, Full Feature Radio Controlled

Hovercraft  Offering -

  • Powerful RC motors for outstanding performance 

  • Proportional RC throttle on lift and thrust

  • Rough, tough non-rip skirt

  • Will operate on water, ice or land

  • Can be used indoors or out

  • Smooth and rough surface capable

  • Water proof body panels and skirt

  • Easy unbolt and replace maintenance

  • Easy electric setup and run

  • Forward and reverse thrust capable

  • Runs on standard R/C Car 6/7 cell batteries

  • 1/4 mile range with standard 2, 3 or 4 channel R/C radios


The SR.N5 model is supplied with powerful motors as used in our giant Electro Cruiser. This gives the SR.N5 superb thrust and lift power as well as outstanding handling - it will hover backwards as fast as it goes forwards! 


As with all our kits it features a highly detailed construction manual. The manual has step by step instructions, high resolution photos and full electrical wiring diagrams. The manual walks you step by step confidently through the process of building and operating the SRN5 RC hovercraft. 

RC Hovercraft Manual - Hovercraftmdodels.com

The manual not only provides a comprehensive parts list, instruction set and background information but also gives details of hovercraft operation and setup with 2 and 4 channel radios.



"Superbly detailed construction manual"

This SR.N5 RC Hovercraft offers true scale performance. It features high efficiency twin motors for optimum lift and thrust. The design has benefited from the Hovercraftmodels.com attention to detail in reproducing a model that will get attention at your local lake. This is a fast model hovercraft that comes as close as it gets to full size craft. Capable of forward and reverse thrust with throttle control makes this a very agile hovercraft.

The model is all molded in Lexan™ and ABS to make a robust and durable body. The SR.N5  can be operated with a 2 channel radio controlling the throttle for both lift and thrust motors from one speed controller and a single servo for rudder control. It can also be configured for 4 channel operation using two speed controllers and one servo for rudder control, the choice is yours. Full configuration details are in the manual, the kit supports both configurations.

Note: The speed controller(s), radio, batteries, and servo are not included in the SR.N5 kit. You can save and buy all you need as a 'SR.N5 Combination Kit'. This consists of the SR.N5 kit, 2 channel radio, servo, receiver, speed controller and battery for less that the price of the separate items. You may also buy them separately.You could also use an existing 2 or 4 channel radio setup.


Price $289.9