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Futaba GY520 Gyro w/Heading Hold

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Introducing the GY520. The smallest, lightest and most advanced gyro in the world.

Click here to learn what test pilots are saying about the GY520!

GY520 Gyro w/Heading Hold

GY Series technology revolutionized gyro performance in 2000 -- and the GY520 is doing it again today. Its cutting-edge MEMS (Micro ElectroMechanical System) sensor design, ultra high-speed proceFirst Outing, First Winssing speed and advanced PID control algorithm put it a quantum leap ahead of all other heading hold gyros in size, weight and performance. It's the gyro of tomorrow -- and it's available today from Futaba.

  • Offers premium performance at a surprisingly affordable price.
  • Weighs just 6.9 g -- a full 9 g less than any other heli heading hold gyro!
  • Exceptionally compact, for fast, easy installation in helis ranging from electric micros to .91 glow 3D Monsters!
  • Cutting-edge MEMS (Micro ElectroMechanical System) sensors detect smaller angle deviations than any other technology.
  • Improved, ultra high-speed processing rates and an 800 /second rate range offer faster, smoother response and consistent pirouette rates.
  • Delivers superior performance with analog servos -- and excels with digitals!

6 Parameters To Program!

  • F3C/3D Modes
  • Normal/Reverse Rotation
  • Limit Setting
  • Analog/Digital Servo
  • Response Selection
  • Data Reset

2 Ways To Program!

  1. Directly, using the GY520's push-button and 2-color LED.
  2. Remotely, using a PC and the optional CIU-2 USB interface. Both required.

Dimensions: 0.79 x 0.79 x 0.39 in (20 x 20 x 10 mm)
Weight: 0.243 oz (6.9 g)
Voltage Range: 3.8 - 6.0V DC
Current Draw: 20mA (without servo)
Sensor Rate Range: +/- 800 / sec

Requires: analog or digital servo

How to Buy  Order#  FUTM0810

CIU-2 USB InterfaceCIU-2 USB Interface

The simple hook-up to sophisticated programming. Ideal for use with the GY520 gyro and MC401CR, MC601 or MC850 electronic speed controls. Includes USB connector and a 19.7" extension. Requires PC with Windows Vista, XP, or 2000 operating system and USB port.

Tech Notes
Stock Number: FUTM0951
Operating Voltage: 5V +/- 0.2V (typical USB bus power)
Current Draw (At connection idle): 12.3mA, +/- 2mA
Dimensions: 0.72 x 2.20 x 0.35 in
Weight: 0.26 oz

How to Buy  Order#  FUTM0951