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Sig Cap 231ARF

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The awesome SIG CAP 231EX ARF has it all. Looks great, flies better. This IMAA legal airplane is capable of giving you the experience of true R/C aerobatics.
SIG's new CAP 231EX has been specifically designed to fly as smooth as glass until you pull the trigger. Features abound in this powerhouse such as a fully air foiled vertical fin and horizontal stabilizer, dual electronically coupled servos for precise pitch control, pull-pull system driven rudder and dual aileron servos for precise roll control. Set it up with standard throws surface and there isn't it can't do. Switch to full 3D surface throws and watch your CAP go extreme.
Recommended Engines:
1.20-1.50 cu. in. 2-Stroke
1.20-1.50 cu. in. 4-stroke
Wingspan: 73 in.
Wing Area: 962.5 sq. in.
Weight: 10 1/2 -11 lbs.
Length: 65 1/2 in.
Radio Required: 4-Channel w/6 Servos
The kit features are equally impressive.
  • Covered with Oracover
  • Removable canopy base and scale tail fairing are both molded in plastic and factory painted
  • Lightweight main and tail wheels
  • Real hardened steel axles
  • Both cowl and wheel pants precision molded in fiberglass and painted
  • Aluminum landing gear
  • Scale tail wheel assembly
  • 16 ounce fuel tank with all fittings
  • Beautifully detailed set of authentic scale decals
  • Complete assembly manual, illustrated with photographs and easy to follow directions.
  • Full hardware pack from American makers
Beautiful looks, incredible flight characteristics, and just about the most complete ARF kit on the market, make the new SIG CAP 231EX ARF truly hard to cap!
Dual independent elevator servo with short direct pushrods. One servo mounted on each side of the fuselage, under the stabilizer. Rudder control is via pull-pull cables from a single servo. Molded clear plastic canopy and molded ABS canopy base are removable for additional access to the fuselage and radio compartment.
Comes with a complete set of authentic scale decals. All the markings you see in the picture are included. Molded fiberglass cowling and wheel pants are beautifully pre-painted. Heavy-duty formed aliminum landing gear and wheels are included
Here's another view of the dual independent direct-drive elevator servos and the pull-pull cables to the rudder. Scale-like tailwheel assembly is driven off the rudder horns. Features dual aileron servos with short direct-drive pushrods. Each aileron servo is hatch-mounted in the wing at the middle of each aileron.
The cavernous fuselage has plenty of space for all your radio gear. No problem finding room for a smoke system if you choose. The CAP 231EX is an aerobatic thoroughbred! It will perform any maneuver in the book and make you look good doing it.
Inverted flight requires very little down stick pressure. The CAP 231EX is as smooth and responsive as any pattern ship. Nose-high, feather-soft landings are normal. No tip stalling tendancies with this light weight aerobatic design.